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DIY Libraries

Well, ALA is just getting started, but presenters are already posting their talks and slides online before they present (unless ALA is so packed that people have been scheduled for 4 am). I’ll get to as many as I can and share the best with you.

First up is a very readable slideshare from Bohyun Kim, Patrick T. Colegrove and Jason Clark. They approach academic libraries from the perspective that traditional librarianship is based on a scarcity of information while today’s information seekers have more than enough info to choose from as well as a do-it-yourself (DIY) mindset. Colegrove presents an interesting case study of revamping the physical library space at an engineering library to reflect this view of  librarianship.


Undergraduates and Technology

Cowan, Susanna M. Assessment 360: Mapping Undergraduates and the Library at the University of Connecticut. University of Connecticut Libraries, March 2012. http://www.clir.org/pubs/resources/resources.html/articles.html.

This ambitious project by the Undergraduate Education Team of the University of Connecticut Libraries assessed how and where their students got their work done and used technology.  Multiple methods included survey, focus group, interview and student-made videos.