Linked Data-palooza

It’s been a busy week in linked data land to say the least!  You’ve probably heard that OCLC made two announcements about linked data enhancements for DDC 23 and WorldCat.

Great but what does it all mean? I went looking for answers to that question and found some informed opinions and more detailed information.

Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist for OCLC, blogs on the importance of this development for WorldCat “OCLC WorldCat Linked Data Release – Significant In Many Ways”. Includes a link to an example of a linked data record in WorldCat.

Adrian Pohl takes a closer look at how RDFa and schema.org are being used to create the linked data for WorldCat in his blog post “Linked Data in worldcat.org”. Pohl also emphasizes what may have been missed in all the linked data excitement–that WorldCat  has moved to an open license.

Here’s a short report on the announcement that includes some comments by Eric Miller of Zepheira, the company that’s working with the Library of Congress on developing a linked data record format to replace MARC: “OCLC Announcement: WorldCat.org Meets Schema.org (and hints of more to come)”.

It looks like the linked data scale has finally tipped this year. It was a long time coming. I believe I went to an OCLC presentation on RDF about 10 years ago. Now that LC is killing off MARC for linked data, and OCLC is using it on WorldCat, we all need to learn more about the opportunities and challenges linked data presents to our institutions.

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